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Sparkling Dragon Designs is an online jewellery store that truly believes in customisation. We believe that personalised jewellery is always better. Making gorgeous and unique jewellery is our passion!

What nicer way to show your love than by designing a personalised ring, bracelet or necklace for that special someone, or how about a personalised gift to symbolize your precious friendship. We believe that all jewellery must be hand tailored to fit and glitter.

Indeed, a beautiful piece of customised jewellery is more than just a ring, necklace or pair of earrings – it’s personal, elegant and can be worn effortlessly and often. Sparkling Dragon Designs are passionate about personalised jewellery designs and create both classic and contemporary collections to become an extension of your personality and add a little sparkle to your everyday life!

As far as women’s personalised jewellery is concerned, Sparkling Dragon Designs comes as the Winning Solution, the last savior and destination stop where you can select from our collections of handcrafted name necklaces, floating charm lockets, orchid flower necklaces and aromatherapy lockets just for you to look the way you want.

We appreciate the exceptional quality materials we use in your jewelry making to the cakes we share while working! We are proud of our personalised jewellery because sometimes a gift needs to be extra special!
We design and make our jewelry to have a unique, personal meaning that can be interpreted by each and every customer that shops with us. Our symbolic jewellery is meant for you to celebrate special moments, events milestones and memories in your life as we create unique jewellery for unique women!

Sparkling Dragon Designs offers an outstanding selection of jewellery to choose from with secure online shopping; we are your one stop shop for all types of personalised jewellery when shopping for your mother, sisters, friends, cousin, or yourself. We believe that gift giving is 100% serious business, that’s why we ensure that each request is handled accordingly, regardless of the occasion.

Our products are of high-quality items for weddings, birthdays, celebration of Christmas, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Has anything to say? No worries, we’ll help you say it in style at an affordable price that suits your budgets.

If you can’t find that perfect piece online, please speak with us in the contact us online and we’ll be glad to meet your request as soon as possible.
Always keep in mind that the most important aspect of our work here in Sparkling Dragon Designs, is always to satisfy our customers so they can join our loyal clientele, who have been returning to us year after year, for the past years.

Happy Shopping!

Do you have something special in mind? Email us [email protected]

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