Real Orchid Flower – Yellow Pink Earrings

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Real Orchid Flower – Yellow Pink Earrings

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Real Orchid Flower Earrings

The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, affection, luxury, beauty and strength.

Your orchid earrings are a beautiful natural treasure and truly unique piece jewellery.

As product of nature, no two orchids even within the same variety will ever be exactly the same. Colour and size will differ slightly with each orchid you will receive one similar to the ones in the photos, you can request if you would like us to select a orchid with more specific colours i.e. more purple than blue.

All our flowers are lightweight and easy to wear; with a range of orchid colours and necklaces to choose from your gift giving choice is easy.

Handpicked for their beauty and perfection these orchids are then carefully preserved in many layers of resin. The resin coating is more resistible than glass, so if they fall they will rarely break. As with everything in life, if you wish for something to last a long time, treat it well.

To keep your orchid looking perfect store them well in a closed box or pouch and avoid spraying with perfumes and hairsprays and your orchid will look beautiful for many years to come.

The flowers are approx 4cmx4cm