Vintage Sterling Silver Dangle Charm – Key Style 3


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Vintage Sterling Silver Dangle Charm – Key Style 3

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Vintage Sterling Silver Dangle Charm

This charm measures 3cm by 1.3cm.

All charms will come with a *loop (*some photos may not show the loop) for you to slide the charm onto an existing chain you have at home.

If you would like a Necklace with your charm the following options are available for purchase:

Steel Neckwire (in silver, bright pink, purple, black, blue) 46cm
Black Silk Cord Necklace with a Chinese Knot Clasp 45cm
Silver Plated Chain 45cm
Silver Plated Sparkle Chain 42cm
Black Leather Cord Necklace made to your preferred length with your choice of a clasp or made with an adjustable slip knot (great for Men)
Plain Sterling Silver Chain 42 to 45cm
Sterling Silver Snake Chain 42 ? 45cm
Charms can be also put onto Sterling Silver Earring Hooks per charm.
Normal clasp put onto a charm so you can clip it onto a necklace or bracelet
Sterling Silver Clasp

If you have any questions please message me through this page..

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